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First Sentence

I mentioned that while in Vermont, one of the kids asked me for the first sentence of my college application essay. Because I’m local this week, shooting pictures of the writing programs and the one-week college essay program, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for those days when I loved writing. So, as per request, I looked up the first sentence of my college essay. It’s a doozy — long, with a bit too much alliteration, and somewhat strange. In my humble opinion, the rest of the essay shines, even moreso than my current writing style and ability. But anyway, here it is:

Smearing the superfluous Crisco on the dock, I hurry to scrub the smooth, stubborn paste from my hands, employing a combination of beach sand and lake water.

The rest of the essay describes my journey from becoming a shy introvert to a somewhat socially competent introvert. All, of course, told through the lens of my Eagle Beach experience. Ha! No wonder I got into Carleton – I think the majority of us suffer from painful introversion.


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