Last day in Hong Kong, best day in Hong Kong

Yesterday, we did all of the things. The legs are feeling it today.

After taking our first full day of Hong Kong to run, explore and get a feel for Soho (plus, not succumb to jet lag), we went after it on day two.

Kevin, Josh and I started the morning with a run up Victoria peak (sorry, didn’t run with my phone so no photo proof). Nearly everyone recommended that we take the trolley to the peak, but if you have any aerobic base at all, running (walk-jogging) up the mountain was an amazing experience. It was 57 degrees (F), which is cold there, so I got several stares for running around in a tank and shorts.

Next, Kevin and Sam took us to Lin Hueng for some dim sum. Dim sum is traditional Hong Kong brunch, and at Lin Hueng you’re seated at a table with randos and point at dishes on carts to order. We had almost no idea what we were eating but it was an adventure nonetheless.

Mystery fish

Kevin, diving into said fish

Josh and Sam, eating what tasted like chicken 

We hiked the Dragon’s Back trail in the afternoon (first pic in the post). In a populated city like Hong Kong, where skyscrapers dominate, it’s amazing how accessible the natural areas are. The green and undulating trails were a welcome reprieve from the urban environs of our Soho Airbnb.

Before dinner, we hopped in a cab (and after language struggles, hopped in another cab) to visit Ozone, the highest bar in Hong Kong. Our cocktails were $25 USD each, but the view was awesome. 

Josh, so posh 

We closed the night dancing to Vanilla Ice in a very Americanized club in Central Hong Kong.

Some of my favorite moments in Hong Kong were when we were in transit, like when we were in the taxi to and from Dragon’s Back, looking at the towers (seriously, v. tall) of colorful residential buildings packed so close together. 

Next up,we have One Night in Bangkok (queue the song) before Kev, Josh and I head to Bhutan. Sam will stay back in Bangkok for New Year’s Eve.


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