And so it begins

Hello from O’Hare! We haven’t gotten very far but it’s been a journey for me.

I decided to go home for 48 hours of Christmas time at my mom’s house in Minneapolis. It was everything I wanted, but the rain yesterday turned a 5-drive to Janesville into 7-hour one. (I did stop a few times to reorganize my podcasts –recommendations below!) I’m just happy to be out of the driver’s seat for the next month.

Anxious about the prospective craziness of a major airport the day after Christmas, I insisted that we take the early bus this morning. Security line took us a whopping 6 minutes. Of course.

Here’s a barebones itinerary of our plans and our movements:

  • Dec 26: Depart from Chicago for Hong Kong (direct)
  • 27-30: Hong Kong with Kevin and one of his former teammates, Sam
  • 30-31: One night in Bangkok (Sam goes home)
  • 31: Arrive in Bhutan
  • Jan 1: Begin Bhutan trek
  • 3: End trek.
  • 4-7: See other sites in Bhutan (tour group has taken care of everything). Kevin leaves on Jan 5.
  • 7-9: Bangkok, including a dinner at Nahm “the best Thai restaurant in the world” (air quotes because chef is Australian)
  • 10-11: Khao Yi National Park for hiking and guided tours, hopefully see elephants and monkeys
  • 12-14: More Bangkok, including a cooking class (as per my request)
  • 15-16: Tokyo, with possible airbnb “experience” (a new offering that the apartment hosting site is trying): bike tour through old Tokyo
  • 17-18: Two nights at Yuzawa, one day of skiing, then relaxing in onsen
  • 19-20: More Tokyo
  • 21: Depart from Tokyo for Chicago (direct)

But first: conquer a 16 hour flight! Josh has his gameboy charged and I’ve downloaded tons podcasts and audio books (Josh got me some sick noise-canceling headphones for Christmas).

Speaking of podcasts, here are my favorites from the commute to the Twin Cities and back:

  • Stranglers – chronicles the investigation of a serial killer in Boston, and the stories of his victims.
  • Criminal – standalone stories about loosely or closely related to criminal activity
  • FreshAir (with Dave Davies) about fake news
  • Reply All – stories about the internet
  • Newest Hidden Brain episode about the issues with science research

Boarding now!


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