We’re going to Asia!

hr-1144-759-207-1144759207001Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m reviving an old blog to (hopefully) chronicle our journey for the next month. Hopefully. I’m really good at biting off more than I can chew, but hopefully I can update this page each time we change locations.

Some FAQs before we shove off on December 26th.

Where are you going? We’ll start in Hong Kong (direct flight, yesss) and stay there for a few days, then we’ll hit up Bhutan for some trekking and monastery tours. Kevin will go back to the U.S. after Bhutan, while Josh and I traipse about Bangkok and the surrounding area for a week. Then, we head to Tokyo and Yuzawa, where I’ve agreed — against my better judgement — to go skiing (to do: learn Japanese for “I’m sorry!”, “help” and “watch out!”). It’s an adventure nonetheless.

Who are Josh and Kevin? Josh is my boyfriend (seen here reading the I Spy: Christmas edition) and Kevin is our mutual friend. A few people have asked if Kevin ever feels like a third wheel. The answer is no; when we’re together, I’m the third wheel.

How long will you be gone? Four weeks! We return January 21st.

Do you not have a 9 to 5? I do, actually. They’re just being really really really cool about it. Ridiculously cool. I can’t thank them enough. Josh’s work is paying for the trip as a reward for his 5 years at the company.

What’s runningpostcard? I thought I was being clever in college because I was really into running. The name also functions as a synonym for “continuous quick update while traveling,” so it’s suiting.


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