Top 10 Things I Learned about Running this Summer

10) My thoughts on injury prevention: Kinesio tape works (no really, it does). Plus, a cadence of 90 strikes per minute per foot is optimal for speed/injury prevention.

9) Nike LunarGlides get my stamp of approval.

8) Coming back from an injury is the most invigorating feeling if things are going well and the most discouraging feeling if you regress.

7) It’s always more fun to run: a) with a buddy b) at twilight (sunrise/sunset) c) at night.

6) If you’re injured, take more time off than you think is necessary. And take a deep breath. You’ll be fine.

5) Trail running is a COMPLETELY different animal than normal running — it is dangerous and requires more attention, but the views from the tops of mountains make the risk worthwhile. Trail runners don’t get enough credit.

4) Talking about running is like speaking another language. And wherever you go, you’ll always find people who can speak it with you.

3) According to my sister Hannah and my friends Molly and Jenna, I talk about running approx. every 25 minutes.

2) Once A Runner is an amazing book that all runners should read.

1) If you run exactly 13 miles, you will see a double rainbow. Translation: I can run high mileage and enjoy it.


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