Age of Amusement

When I was able to sneak into the Williams gym to do cross-training and lifting this morning, I knew the day was off to a great start.

It was mostly great timing. A locked door opened; a woman walked out and I slipped through the closing door. When I came across staff, I bumbled through this long explanation that I had a pass but didn’t bring it, and that I wanted to lift and use the pool (Not a complete falsehood! Overland does pay for a gym pass, but that’s the basement community gym with only deadweights). Unfortunately, the staffer told me, the pool was out of commission for the next few weeks. I wasn’t going to be able to get into the “nice” gym without a card, so would I like him to take me? Um, yeah. Boom. Done. I felt like a rockstar.

So yes. I’ve given up running for as long as it takes for my knee to stop hurting. It could be 3-5 weeks; it could be longer.

But until then, I have photo-ing to entertain me. Today I stopped by the group called “New England Service” as they helped out at the elementary school, volunteering for a program called “Reading and Recreation.” Later in the day (after waiting out spotty showers), I met up with the College Essay Program for dinner and writing in Paresky (I’m guessing it’s kinda like their Sayles-Hill, or student center, at Williams).

I graduated from elementary school tikes to high school seniors. What did these two groups have in common? They adored having their picture taken. Whenever I’d lift the camera, the lens was like a gaze magnet. Or posing queue. Here’s a photo that I loved — and she struck this pose in the blink of an eye — but it obviously won’t make it on to the Overland website. Cheers!



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